Your Journey towards Parenthood

Why Choose BSV START?

Start is an initiative to support the journey of patients opting for IVF treatment and making this journey a joyful experience . Its counselling on How to prepare for IVF , tips on things to know about IVF and pregnancy allow the patients to know their journey and be at ease.

  • Encourage more patients to start their IVF journey & continue treatment.
  • BSV as organisation Going beyond fertility drugs to support the patients journey.
  • Focus on keeping the patient in the IVF journey ever after the failure of 1st cycle.
  • Support the IVF clinic to reduce patient drop out rates after the first consultation due to the financial burden on couples
  • Improving patient retention and regular patient engagement by providing counselling and financial remodelling.

What BSV Start Offers?

START offers various supports to the patient seeking IVF treatment vital in this journey to make it more enjoyable at the same time providing insights & support on managing IVF treatment better.

Microfinance Options

Supporting and easing the financial burden of the patients with support on getting easy finances and guidance on microfinancing options

BSV Counselling

To ease the patients anxiety and support every step in the IVF journey, START provides tips on Preparing for IVF , things to know about IVF , tips on pregnancy care and more

Know More About IVF

IVF is considered the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) for fertilization and also to prevent genetic problems in babies.

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